Why Gravity?

Gravity IT Resources has built a talent centric, referral driven and culture focused IT staffing firm.  Our programs and methodology are designed to meet the needs of discriminating clients that need IT talent to deliver business results.  Gravity IT Resources provides clients with:

  • IT Staff augmentation services in the areas of application development, network infrastructure and IT support
  • Access to a community of growth oriented, highly engaged and positively referred IT talent
  • Shorter search lead times and access to a wider net of better qualified, often passive candidates
  • A true partner with tools to help you assess technical AND cultural fit
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Client Advocate

IT Staffing Solutions

At Gravity IT Resources, we help our clients complement and enhance their current IT capabilities to execute their most pressing strategic initiatives.  We focus our recruitment efforts on three primary areas – application development, network infrastructure and IT support.

Application Development

Gravity IT Resources supports your efforts to find talented project-based, temp to perm or permanent contributors for all aspects of your applications development organization including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance.  Specifically, we can assist with the search for personnel with the following skill sets:

  • Application architecture
  • Application development
  • Application management
  • Business analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Cloud computing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Data architecture
  • Data governance quality
  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise analytics and reporting
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Information architecture
  • Information management
  • Integration management and middleware development
  • IT project management
  • Mobility
  • QA and software testing
  • System design
  • Web/e-Commerce

Network Infrastructure

Gravity IT Resources supports your efforts to find talented project-based, temp to perm or permanent contributors for all aspects of your network infrastructure organization including storage, virtualization and security.  Specifically, we can assist with the search for personnel with the following skill sets:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data center
  • Information security
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Security governance
  • IT Service Management and ITIL®
  • Network infrastructure
  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • LAN/WAN network and voice systems architecture
  • Monitoring
  • Network operations center support (NOC)
  • Project management
  • Business analysts
  • Coordinators
  • Managers

IT Support

Gravity IT Resources supports your efforts to find talented project-based, temp to perm or permanent contributors for all aspects of your IT support organization including help desk, technology deployments and asset management.  Specifically, we can assist with the search for personnel with the following skill sets:

  • Change management
  • Desktop support
  • Hardware deployment, installation and moves, adds, changes (MAC)
  • Help desk and service desk support
  • IT asset inventory and reconciliation
  • IT Service Management and ITIL®
  • IT support management
  • IT Training and certification
  • Knowledge management
  • Problem management
  • Project and program management
  • Software deployment and installation
  • Technical writing

Referral Driven

Candidate referrals are 66x more likely to result in a successful placement*.  While only 7% of applicants come from referrals, 40% of all hires are referrals*.  Gravity IT Resources’ referral driven staffing model leverages the power of referrals for our clients’ benefit.

The bottom line is that great talent knows great talent – and wants to refer and work with great talent!  So when anyone in the IT ecosystem shares a candidate that turns into a placement, Gravity “shares” a percentage of our profit with the referrer on a continuous basis throughout the length of the assignment.  Our candidate referral program is open to everyone in the industry – consultants, contract employees, permanent employees, hiring managers and HR professionals.

This innovative approach to sharing referral fees over time in the form of passive income increases the incentive for the IT ecosystem to share and refer top IT talent.   Gravity IT Resources is therefore able to cast a wider net, attract passive candidates, shorten time to fill and deliver higher quality candidates that are more likely to succeed in their positions for our clients.


Talent Centric

Gravity IT Resources wakes up every day with a mission to provide IT talent with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose. Our talent centric philosophy and programs make Gravity IT Resources the “employer of choice” for top IT talent.  This favored position allows us to deliver superior, highly engaged IT talent to our clients.  In short, top IT talent wants to work with Gravity and our clients!

Gravity IT Resources’ “talent centric” programs serve our clients in the following ways:

  • We provide IT talent with the opportunity to earn assignment completion bonuses at the end of each project
    • This program decreases the likelihood that our top IT talent will drop off your project before the finish line
  • We provide IT talent with the ability to earn higher assignment completion bonuses with each successive Gravity IT Resources assignment
    • This program increasing the likelihood that our top IT talent will want to work with you on your next project
  • We provide IT talent with access to technical skill development programs for continuing education
    • This program increases the likelihood our top IT talent will have current IT skills and continue to learn and develop while on your assignment
  • We provide IT talent with access to the Design Your Exceptional Life personal development platform
    • Access to this platform attracts growth oriented, highly engaged IT talent – exactly the type of talent you want on your team

Culture Focused

Gravity IT Resources knows that great technical skills are just the starting point for a great hire.  Top IT talent and discriminating clients agree that cultural fit is the key to long-term career and project success.  That’s why Gravity IT Resources focuses on cultural fit from both the talent and client perspective.

How?  A combination of behavioral interview techniques AND personality profiling instruments are used to determine key cultural fit points with our IT talent.  We apply the same rigorous approach to our clients to understand your culture, including administering profiling instruments to your top performers if warranted.  This scientifically valid, two-sided process allows us to find the ideal talent-assignment match.

Gravity Staffing Methodology

“You are never differentiated by WHAT you do, you are only differentiated by HOW you do what you do”

Please review detailed information on each part of our staffing methodology in the section to the right.  When you are ready to start the process with Gravity IT Resources, simply upload your first assignment and one of our Client Advocates will be in touch to learn more.

Understanding Your Business

Gravity IT Resources invests time up front with you to document your IT staffing needs and timetables at both a tactical and strategic level.  We utilize our Staffing Needs Template to listen and probe in order to capture your tactical IT labor needs today and your strategic needs for the future.  We are naturally curious and aim to discover where future investment is planned so that we can anticipate future IT talent needs in an effort to become a proactive vendor/partner.  We conduct this formal process annually to refresh and renew your view.

We also invest time up front to objectively profile your IT culture.   We utilize scientifically valid personality profiling instruments to better understand your top performers.  This enables us to consultatively assess and match potential IT talent beyond a technical baseline level.  We can screen deeper to cultural fit and suitability with the rest of your team to deliver desired outcomes.

Candidate Sourcing

No staffing firm can seriously claim they know everyone – labor markets are too fluid by nature.  As IT workers progress in their lives and careers, priorities shift and evolve.  Layer this reality over the introduction and implementation of new technologies, and new IT workers entering and leaving the workforce, and you quickly recognize the IT labor market evolves daily.  This is why relying solely on “proprietary databases” and “job boards” as a primary sourcing strategy is not enough. 

Gravity IT Resources’ candidate sourcing strategy is talent centric and referral driven.  The close relationships we build with IT talent and our genuine interest and commitment to their long-term development and success sets us apart and increases their desire to share information.  Our referral driven model leverages the entire local IT ecosystem for intelligent sharing of information about your open position and your unique employee value proposition.  We broadcast your assignments to our network and economically reward the IT ecosystem, and the niche communities within it, to share real-time information and referrals on the best candidates.  The local IT community acts as our virtual recruiters and we share a percentage of our margin with them as referral fees.  This approach accelerates the sourcing process and drives the best candidates to you. 

Candidate Screening and Selection

Gravity IT Resources employs a streamlined process of standardized candidate engagement, pre-screening forms, interview guides and personality profile instruments to screen talent against your requirements.  We personally interview and perform reference checks on every candidate submitted.   We then formally present you with a fully vetted short list of top professionals who match your technical and cultural requirements.  We deploy a criminal background investigation post-offer/pre-assignment and handle drug screening and credit checks at your request.

Consultant Retention

Gravity IT Resources puts IT talent at the center of our business model.  We deliver a variety of compelling personal development and loyalty programs to ensure Gravity IT Resources is the employer of choice for contract focused IT consultants.  Specifically, we have a loyalty program that every one of our IT consultants are eligible for and participate in from day one.  This program financially incents our IT talent to complete your assignment and remain with you from assignment to assignment.  This approach saves you time and helps you to avoid productivity lapses.

Partnership Mindset

Our reputation is only as good as our last placement.  We are in constant communication with both hiring managers and IT talent to ensure service delivery standards.  We can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year to address and resolve issues.  We are in the people business after all, and service to our clients and IT consultants is what we are here for.  Gravity IT Resources will work hard to become your vendor of choice for contingent labor and staff augmentation.