Design Your Exceptional Life Program

Gravity IT Resources is a firm believer in the power of personal development.  We want our IT Consultants to reach their full personal and professional potential.  To make this happen, Gravity IT Resources has partnered with Arete High Performance Advisors to deliver a game-changing personal development and leadership program for our technical professional employees.  The “Design Your Exceptional Life” (DYEL) program help you discover and become the very best version of yourself.


The Growth Curve (G-Curve)

The DYEL program is a series of 52 weekly lessons centered on the “Growth Curve” concept.  Dr. Tom Hill, the co-founder of Arete High Performance Advisors, has been teaching the “G-Curve” concept for 20+ years.  Moore’s Law states that computing power doubles every 18 months.  Dr. Hill believes people’s lives cycle in 18-month patterns as well, which he coined the “G-Curve”.  Unlike annual goal setting and 10 year plans, Dr. Hill has encouraged people to make 6-year plans, 3-year plans, and most importantly, 18-month plans.  Dr. Hill led his clients to break down those 18 month plans into 6-month plans and then 3-month plans.  With this calendar and his encouragement, Dr. Hill’s clients began to divide up their lives differently than the rest of the world and, lo and behold, have greater success.  The Growth Curve methodology will take you from discovery to significance with some incredible stops along the way.

DYEL Program

This DYEL program is a video based curriculum available to our IT consultants that contains 52 lessons covering all aspects of life.

The curriculum is delivered by 20 experts within the Arete High Performance Advisors network and covers the following stages of the G-Curve:

Personal Assessment

This is where you will start. Who are YOU? What strengths do you have? What are your gifts? How can you compensate for your weaknesses (yes we all have weaknesses)?


Where do you get that fire in the belly from? What motivates you? What is your “why”? What are you willing to endure to achieve your goal?


How do you set proper goals? How do you track them? Where do you go (mentally or physically) when “it’s not working”. What is discipline and how do you stay on course to reach your goals?


How do you leverage your network? Gain access to our network? Where do you go to find solutions? Roadblocks are inevitable and can be overcome with proper thinking and planning.

Emotional Dip

I quit! I can’t do this! Why is this taking so long? Emotional Intelligence is critical to have in your arsenal; this is where most people breakdown. This is essentially why this entire program exists, we have helped so many get back on course only to achieve even greater results than they initially set out to accomplish. You will understand the game changer Emotional Intelligence is to your development as a leader.

Break Through

Our primary motivation is you achieving your “Break Through” moment. There is nothing more gratifying that seeing someone’s hard work pay off. We have witnessed it thousands of times; we look forward to hearing about your “Break Through” moment.


As you leverage the DYEL processes and planning tools to build your game plan for your personal and professional development, having access to some of the best and brightest minds in our network will become extremely valuable.  Each week we will interview an author, entrepreneur, someone in our network that has reached their summit in life and wants to share their wisdom with you, so you can accelerate your plan for reaching your goals.  The interview will be available for you to listen to and learn from as you continually adapt and improve your Life Pan.


Having a plan is your first step, finding rich content is your second step, the third and potentially most critical step of the process is having access to an incredible network. Each week, we will have a topic that is relevant to our members and we will start a discussion with experts in our network and each of you as a member will be able to engage in the conversation with other members and our experts to understand the topic even better to determine how it can accelerate you towards your goals.


Our Arête-HPA events are created for our members. At these events you will be able to meet our experts, ask questions and engage in deep discussions with them. You will also be able to meet other people who are on the same path as you. This enables you to take your connections to the next level because you are truly speaking the same language.  You will be surrounded by people who believe in the same philosophies of what’s possible in life.