Gravity IT Resources pays attractive base salaries for our Talent Agents and Client Advocates. Your base salary will increase as your responsibilities increase by serving our IT talent and valued clients.


Gravity IT Resources believes strongly in incentive based compensation for our Talent Agents and Client Advocates. The more successful you are in delivering results for our IT talent and valued clients, the greater your financial rewards in the form of commissions.

Long Term Compensation

Gravity IT Resources talent centric, referral driven, and culture focused model is designed and funded to scale. We are building a company for the long-term and are committed to finding high achievers and rewarding their success with ownership interest in the business. Goal achievement and living our values will result in ownership.


Gravity IT Resources recognizes that each of our employees have unique needs and personal circumstances. We therefore offer flexible benefits packages that allow you to select the options that make the most sense for you.

Gravity IT Resources offers the following options:

-Medical/Prescription Health Insurance
-Dental Insurance
-Vision Insurance
-Short-Term Disability
-Long-Term Disability
-401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
-529 College-Bound Fund
-Life and AD&D Insurance
-Vacation/Personal/Holiday Pay