IT Talent

Why Gravity?

Gravity IT Resources wakes up every day with a mission to provide IT talent like you with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose. Our goal is to engage you individually and as part of the greater IT community we serve. Our talent centric, referral driven, and culture focused recruitment model rewards you financially and recognizes you publicly for helping to create a more efficient market between IT talent and the IT hiring managers that need your talent. We invite you to be part of a new approach – one that empowers the IT ecosystem to openly interact, share and connect in a more efficient and rewarding way.

Gravity Provides Top IT Talent Like You With:

  • Innovative financial and personal development programs that will improve your life
  • Opportunities for passive income by referring qualified candidates and assignments
  • Access to multiple assignments with an emphasis on both technical and cultural fit
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Talent Agent

Please review the information below for more details on our approach to serve you!

Talent Centric Approach

Gravity IT Resources employs a talent centric business model – your unique talents, personality and aspirations are at the heart of everything we do.  We start our relationship by determining where you are today – your current skills, role and compensation – and then dig deeper to gain a better understanding of your true personality and future aspirations.  Our daily mission is to match your unique strengths, talents and personality with compelling career opportunities from our network of exciting clients to accelerate your career and life forward.

Personality Profile

Gravity IT Resources makes a conscientious effort to understand your technical skills and capabilities.  We both need to be sure you have the technical tools to be successful in your assignment.  However, Gravity IT Resources digs deeper to understand your true personality – because we know that skill fit is not the only driver of a successful assignment for you!  Cultural fit with our client’s team is hugely important for your personal happiness and fulfillment.  That is why we administer a comprehensive personality profile instrument to you before you are submitted to one of our clients.  We want to know which types of work environments are best for you and that you will have a high likelihood of success in the position if chosen.  Our clients complete a similar assessment with their top performers.  This scientifically valid, two-sided process allows us to find the ideal assignment match – both technical and cultural – for you and our clients.

Life Planning

Gravity IT Resources is a firm believer in the power of personal development.  We want our IT talent to reach their full personal and professional potential. To make this happen, Gravity IT Resources has partnered with Arete High Performance Advisors to deliver a game-changing personal development and leadership program for our IT talent. The “Design Your Exceptional Life” (DYEL) program will help you discover and become the very best version of yourself.

Technical Skill Development

Gravity IT Resources believes in the power of personal development. We are therefore a strong advocate of lifetime learning to help position our IT talent for success in their current and future positions. If you choose to work with Gravity IT Resources in one of our open positions, you will have access to a variety of tools to help you continually improve your technical skills.

Loyalty Programs

Gravity IT Resources would like to be the employer of choice for your contract and project based career. Our Loyalty Programs financially reward you for individual contract completions and continued service in our assignments.

Referral Programs

Gravity IT Resources believes in the power of referrals to drive your career. That’s why we have built attractive Referral Programs that provide you with passive income for referring candidates and assignments to Gravity IT Resources.