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By April 20, 2015 April 28th, 2015 Leadership Messages

SCD Head Shot 3Today, a new journey begins.  Actually, that’s not quite true – this has been a long time coming!  Rick and I have talked about launching an IT staffing business for 7+ years.  I think the first conversation about it was on a trip to Key West in 2007.  The seed was planted, but clearly took a long time to germinate…I guess salt water is not the best environment for quick growth!  Why is now the right time?

Well, I feel like I finally have the experience, perspective and scars to truly help others grow and achieve their dreams.  That might sound like a strange reason to start a business, but it’s true in my case.  I believe that helping people achieve their full potential in their careers and lives is my calling.  I love technology and have tried to harness it to improve business and personal performance for two decades now.  The IT staffing market space provides a great platform to merge these two areas that I am passionate about.

Rick and I have worked hard to create a different approach to IT staffing.  We believe that if we put the needs of IT talent first, we can offer IT talent AND our clients real value.  If you are an IT professional, take a look at the personal development, professional development and referral programs we designed to enable your success.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  We promise to put you first and offer you the most interesting assignments with the most interesting companies out there.

If you are a growing company that needs top IT talent to meet your most pressing business objectives, reach out to us.  There is nothing Rick and I like more than learning about you, your business, your customers, your goals and the way you are using IT to vault ahead of the competition.  We believe we can help you find the highly engaged IT talent you need to reach your goals.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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