Our Story

The co-founders of Gravity IT Resources have been in the IT staffing and IT management industry for 20+ years.  In this time we have heard and experienced the common issues and complaints faced by both IT talent and clients.  Recruiters often make IT talent feel minimized and exploited – a means to an end rather than a life to grow and develop.  Clients feel recruiters waste their time by not understanding their business, their technical skill requirements, their corporate culture or all of the above.

We decided to offer a new approach – one that puts IT talent at the center of the universe.  We believe that by putting IT talent at the heart of everything we do, we can offer IT talent AND our clients real value.  So, we built a talent centric, referral driven and culture focused IT staffing firm.  Our programs and methodology are designed to meet the needs of both IT talent and discriminating clients that need IT talent to deliver business results.

Gravity IT Resources starts by focusing on the professional and personal development of our IT talent and employees.  We wake up every day with a mission to provide our team with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose.  This approach provides our clients with access to a community of growth oriented, highly engaged IT talent.

We extend this mindset to the entire IT ecosystem by offering powerful referral programs that encourages the community to share information about top candidates and assignments.  This strategy allows us to offer our clients shorter lead times and access to positively referred, often passive candidates.

We close the loop by becoming true business partners to our clients.  We offer subjective and objective tools to assess technical and cultural fit from both the IT talent and client perspective.  Our Co-Founders have run businesses and executed multiple IT initiatives.  We have been in the shoes of IT talent AND our clients and want to use this knowledge to drive success and change for both.

Gravity IT Resources is focused on building a community of 25,000+ highly engaged IT professionals with the expertise and passion to transform the companies in which we serve and the ambition to change the world in which we live.  We hope you join us as an employee, consultant, referrer or client.  Together, we can make a difference!