Why Gravity?

Gravity IT Resources is a talent centric, referral driven and culture focused IT staffing firm.  We’ve decided to offer a new approach to staffing, one that puts IT talent at the center of the universe.  We believe that by putting IT talent at the heart of everything we do, we can offer IT talent AND our clients real value.

Our programs and methodology are designed to meet the needs of both IT talent and the discriminating clients that need IT talent to deliver business results.  Our talent centric, referral driven and culture focused approach offers “a better way forward” for consultants, clients and the entire IT ecosystem.

Talent Centric

Gravity IT Resources starts by focusing on the personal and professional development of our IT talent and employees.  We wake up every day with a mission to provide our team with compelling career opportunities and a powerful framework to build a life of significance and purpose.  This talent centric approach provides our clients with access to a community of growth oriented, highly engaged IT talent.

Referral Driven

Candidate referrals are 66x more likely to result in a successful placement*.  While only 7% of applicants come from referrals, 40% of all hires are referrals*.  Gravity IT Resources’ referral driven staffing model leverages the power of referrals for our clients’ benefit.

The bottom line is that great talent knows great talent – and wants to refer and work with great talent!  So when anyone in the IT ecosystem shares a candidate or assignment that turns into a placement, Gravity “shares” a percentage of our profit with the referrer on a continuous basis throughout the length of the assignment.  Our candidate referral program is open to everyone in the industry – consultants, contract employees, permanent employees, hiring managers and HR professionals.

This innovative approach to sharing referral fees over time in the form of passive income increases the incentive for the IT ecosystem to share and refer top IT talent.   Gravity IT Resources is therefore able to cast a wider net, attract passive candidates, shorten time to fill and deliver higher quality candidates that are more likely to succeed in their positions for our clients.

Culture Focused

 Gravity IT Resources knows that great technical skills are just the starting point for a great hire.  Top IT talent and discriminating clients agree that cultural fit is the key to long-term career and project success.  That’s why Gravity IT Resources focuses on cultural fit from both the talent and client perspective.

How?  A combination of behavioral interview techniques AND personality profiling instruments are used to determine key cultural fit points with our IT talent.  We apply the same rigorous approach to clients to understand their culture, including administering profiling instruments to their top performers if warranted.  This scientifically valid, two-sided process allows us to find the ideal talent-assignment match.